My post and Shout Box Commentors' Link

As a blogger, I will feel glad and very happy when someone has dropped by my blog or revisited me and leaved me some comments on my posts or at least a short pleasant words or a greeting on my shout box.

Since I am a very busy man, I sometime do not even have time to pay them a visit or surfing around to their site. Then, what I did was, I have to copy and list my visitor's link addresses and save it so that I could visit them later when time permitted.

As an appreciation, here I have their link addresses listed in my post woodworker's way. Each tab will open 10 link addresses of my visitors' blog or website. I will surf and look around for any update.

My friends, I will let you know where your link address is located by leaving you a comment in your shout box when I drop by to your site and for those who has visited me and wanted your link to be listed so that I could visit you later, just shout at me. I will be glad to add your link here as long as your blog doesn't related to gambling, adult content or sex related tips.

By doing this, it will be easier for me to revisit my old and new friends and you also my friends, could make new friends by clicking on any of the tab below. Visit my friends' blog, give a pleasant comment on their posts or shout box and definitely you will be visited by them.

011-020 021-030 031-040 041-050
051-060 061-070 071-080 081-090 091-100
101-110 111-120 121-130 131-140 141-150
151-160 161-170 171-180 181-190 191-200
201-210 211-220 221-230 231-240 241-250
251-260 261-270 271-280 281-290 291-300
301-310 311-320 321-330 331-340 341-350
351-360 361-370 371-380 381-390 391-400
401-410 411-420 421-430431-440441-450

If you hate the idea, please let me know. I will remove your link. If you like it, please bookmark and share or you may copy this post to your blog so that you could make more friend.