A Touch of History - Best of Penang

PEARL of the Orient, Penang needs no further introduction. Ranked as one of Asia's most famous islands, Penang is a fusion between old and new; local and Western; oriental and colonial. The turtle-shaped island is a bustling port, a heritage city and an industrial area. The modern Penang embraces modernity while still holding close her traditions and old-world charm. Come to this obviously charming island of natural beauty, exotic heritage, culture and delightful cuisine.

Explore the heritage trails

Considering her colourful history, evident from the many structures and pre-war buildings still standing strong, the best way to discover Penang is to go on the heritage trail. There are several well-developed trails in and around George Town, with many heritage buildings. Discover the trails either on foot, on a tricycle or a four-wheeler. Some of the must-cover spots are:

Fort Cornwallis

The fort marks the point for Sir Francis Light's historic landing decades ago (i.e,1786). One of the first European structures on the island, Fort Cornwallis is today a privately managed cultural venue. It is fitted with a new ornamental wooden gate and is complete with an observation tower at the main entrance, a history gallery, cannons, and a handicraft and souvenir shop. There is also an open-air amphitheatre, where local music and dance festivals are frequently staged.