Route to success - Know Who You Are

To be a successful person we have to know who we are. If life can be likened to a journey, we have to know our strengths and weaknesses because this will be the luggage we would be carrying on our journey. No traveller would embark on a trip, especially a long one, without deciding what to bring along. The longer the journey, the more stringent the checklist will be as the luggage can only accommodate what is of necessity, use and benefit to the traveller. The same applies to us if we want to embark on the road to success.

Take the first step to know yourself. Find out what are our assets and liabilities in our character. Dump the dead weight that has been hindering our effort to achieve success.

How do you describe your self?

Below is a list of 15 qualities. 
Award yourself the following points. I am - 3 points, to a certain extent - 2 points and am not - 1 point.
1. Tactful
2. Ambitious
3. Sociable
4. Loyal
5. Courteous
6. Enthusiastic
7. Honest
8. Persistent
9. Receptive
10. Cheerful
11. Creative
12. Religious
13. Punctual
14. Generous
15. Patient

Below is a list of 15 faults.
Award yourself the following points. I am - 1 point, to a certain extent - 2 points and am not - 3 points.
1. Disorganised
2. Boastful
3. Short-tempered
4. In considerate
5. Lazy
6. Offensive
7. Stubborn
8. Quarrelsome
9. Resentful
10. Indisciplined
11. Egoistic
12. Hostile
13. Selfish
14. Unforgiving
15. Sensitive

Total up the number of points collected from your qualities and your faults.

Now see what you are made of:
75-90 points - You are a goal-getter
60-75 points - You are trying to be one but still have to overcome some faults.
45-60 points - You are lagging a bit behind and could do with some improvement, buck up.
45 points and below - You are a hard person to live besides being slob, you need an overhaul.