Ground Wire (Cable) Kit

A couple months ago, my wife's car won't start. She called and asked me to fix it. My first assumption was its probably because the battery is weak. I was wrong, because the battery is still new and not even 8 months old. So I've concluded that the starter kit must be bad and need a replacement. Fortunately before I send it to the workshop, I've firstly called my friend, a car mechanic asking for his advice.

After an inspection, I've found that my conclusion was wrong too. My friend said that I have to install a ground cable kit to my car electrical system, because the resistance has impeded the flow of electricity from the battery of my wife's car to some degree. He said that good electrical performance requires a grounding system that's prepared to take a lot of current with minimal resistance.

Grounding wires are the foundation of car's electrical system. Resistance, in the form of electrical impedance, is the enemy of car's electrical equipment, so high quality grounding cables could minimize resistance and help make sure that all of the electrical equipment in our car is performing as well as it can.

Installation is pretty straightforward and should take about 30 minutes. First, we'll need to disconnect the battery. The grounding cables connect the negative battery post to various engine components, the transmission, and the firewall. The kit includes 5 cables of various lengths, so we'll have no trouble routing them for best performance. It also includes cable ties for neat and tidy installation. Once we've finished connecting and routing the cables, just reconnect the battery and we're done!

After installation, there is no sign of problem with my car's ignition system until now. I learned my lesson here so that not to jump to any conclusion before asking others for an opinion.