www.trekpay.com : Is it legit or a scam PTC?

When come to deciding on whether to register or not on Pay to Click (PTC) web site, the first thing comes across our mind is whether this is a scam or not. You definitely do not want your time and effort flow to the drain.

How ever you may rest assure that the program on this site is legit, because I have been paid. Here is the proof.

50th Anniversary of Malaysia-Korea Diplomatic Relations

Governments of Federation of Malaya and The Republic of Korea

February 23, 1960

Joint Communique

A Korean Goodwill Mission led by Mr. Dong Jo Kim, Special Envoy of the President of the Republic of Korea has made a formal visit to the Federation of Malaya from February 21 to 23, 1960.

Malaysia-Korea Diplomatic Relations Commemorative Stamps

It has been 50 years that Malaysia and Republic of Korea has it diplomatic ties going on. The two nations are celebrating this 50 years of good historical journey together in both countries.

Reforestation, Tectona Grandis and Azadirachta Excelsa

Diminishing forests are due to excessive and illegal loggings because of a high demand for timber in woodbased industries.

To regreen the nation, a well concerted efforts has to be done to maintain a sustainable forest management. The present supply of forest resources in general has tremendously depleted and replanting activities should have been actively pursued by now.

Festive Road Accident and Our Attitude

With tragic predictability, every year brings us several particularly horrendous road accidents. Every festive season, with thousand of people returning home or going to holiday resorts, in spite of reminders and advice about being patient in jams, there is a cacophony of crash, bang, groan. For a few days the loss is covered in all the media; graphic pictures of mangled heaps of metal arousing interest, concern and pity.

Drug abuse, addiction and trafficking

Drugs abuse degrading human beings, changing societies and having disastrous effects on human behaviour, undermining social stability and impoverishing nations. 

Growing evidence showed that an alarmingly increasing number of children are being destroyed every second all over the world through drug addiction.