Entrepreneur Vs Employee

THERE is a crucial difference in the mindset of an entrepreneur and an employee, and the difference absolutely shapes what works and the results we get in our lives.

For an employee, the mindset is focused on security. Often times they lack self-confidence to go after their dreams and will trade their goals in life for a steady paycheck.

Although there is nothing wrong with that, if the vast majority of people are like that, our society will not be able to function suitably.

However, if there are no entrepreneurs who go after their dreams, goals, and ideas, then no business would exist at all.

However there are far more rewards in being an entrepreneur than you will find being an employee.

If you are willing to put in the work it takes to be an entrepreneur in the beginning, there is a chance you will be rewarded for the rest of your life in ways that being an employee never can.

Entrepreneur and success coach Jerome Tan who has taught thousands to become successful in his Entrepreneur's Action Programme (EAP) said one of the key points is to add more value in people's lives, so "whatever you want will come back to you."

"People will know and they don't mind paying you. However, if you focus on money, people will know that too, and the more they don't want to give it to you."

Tan added there are endless possibilities out there to become a successful entrepreneur if you choose to follow your dreams

First and foremost to be a successful entrepreneur, you must be motivated, energetic, and willing to put in the work required to reach your goals. You must be willing to follow your business idea to the end, and work hard each day to make it successful.

Failure should not be an option if you are on the path to becoming a successful entrepreneur. You must begin with a solid business idea and plan, and have the willingness to change it as time evolves, and the stick-to-itiveness to stay with the plan you consider a successful one when times get tough.

It goes without saying that those who enter the business line have generally invested a lot of time, energy, and hard work into their business project.

Nevertheless, it is important to understand part of being successful is to be able to adjust your plan with the times, to realise a mistake or bad idea when you make one, and to be willing to give all the time and energy you need to make your venture a successful one.

Having the drive to do so is also crucial, as often times people are unwilling to change or are too stubborn to make the changes necessary to be successful.

Without these qualities, it is difficult to see your ideas go anywhere.

Successful entrepreneurs manage their time well, have confidence, and conduct business in a manner, which earns respect from their peers. Remember with these traits and qualities, you will inevitably become a successful entrepreneur in your own way.

Below are a few characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.


A real bona fide entrepreneur has a creative spirit, in the sense that they are the innovators of their own business, real thinkers and designers of an industry. They create new systems and ways of doing things, using their own specific talents and knowledge to help improve the lives of others.


Entrepreneurs are not afraid to take a challenge in pursuing their dreams and goals. Even in the face of adversity and disagreement they believe that it will happen and there is always a solution.


Entrepreneurs are exceedingly resourceful at finding the help they need to succeed in their businesses. They seek out training, support, network with others in their industry, and they take classes in order to keep moving ahead, nor are they afraid to delegate.


All entrepreneurs possess either a specific or specialised knowledge. Either they are very good at doing something or they have expert knowledge in a particular field or industry.


Entrepreneurs have a strong sense of what to say or show themselves in order to produce the kind of results they desire. They know what kind of thinking is necessary to get things done, which if done correctly leads to focused, concentrated action.

Have a life plan

You know that you cannot predict the future, but what you do know, is what specifically you are going to do with the rest of your life. The above are some of the qualities of a real entrepreneur. If you are lacking some of it, challenge yourself to actively seek out the resources you need to develop and improve those areas.


A SUCCESSFUL entrepreneur is someone who is able to adapt new ideas to relevant marketplace to make money. Below are five tips on how to do so.


Taking bold steps based on your gut intuition will have bigger payoffs than research and foot dragging about your ideas.


Become an evangelist for an idea once you have one. You should be selling your idea at all times, or thinking about how to sell.


Understand that demand for a product or service is created more than it is found. You need to be creative and have an aggressive marketing programme to back up your product so you can constantly create new markets to sell to.


Know when to run for a deal or opportunity and when to keep a cool head. The difference between the two can make the difference between success and failure.


Make sure you are in it for the long. Successful entrepreneurs are those who stay in the game, even after a whole series of failed venture.

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