Goal Setting Formula

NO matter who you are, there must be something you want to achieve in life. Maybe you want to be rich, have a good relationship with your loved ones, become a top student, drive a luxury car, or live in a big bungalow.

Whatever it is you want, goal setting is the key to help you achieve it.

Most people know what goal setting is and how it works. It is a process of writing your goals down but that is not the magic pill.

The key to successful goal setting is not just in setting your goals but what your do after that, like coming out with steps and strategies to help you reach your goals.

Many people fail to achieve their goals because they just write down their goals and hope it will materialise automatically.

If you are serious about achieving your goals follow these simple and powerful steps below and you are on your way :

1. Develop Strategies: Goals keep you on track and keep you focused. However, it is the strategies you take that will help you make your goals come true. Therefore, learn to develop strategies and action plan on how you can achieve your goals.

2. Take at least three action steps everyday after setting your goals: Nothing is going to happen without action. It is action that produces results. If you are not taking any action, your goals will never come true. Commit yourself to take at least three action steps to help you get closer towards your goals everyday.

3. Visualise and imagine the outcome after you have achieved your goals every night before going to sleep. Motivation is the key to keep you going and keep you motivated at all times.

4. Set Sub Goals: Make sure you set sub goals to reach your big goals. Take it one step at a time and be happy each time you reach a sub goal instead of being mad that you did not reach the big goal.

5. Surround Yourself: If your goal is not to give something up, but to obtain something, surround yourself with things that remind you of how or why you want to achieve this goal.

6. Tell The World: If you tell everyone you know at work, friends, people online, you have a large group of people to hold you accountable. It might not sound like the right reason, but sometimes you will be more likely to follow through with something if you don't want to look like a failure to others.

Always remember you are responsible for your own success. If you are not willing to take the necessary steps, you will never achieve what you want.


Goal setting tip #1

Where are you going?

Our minds are goal seeking device. Give it a specific goal and it will work to complete it, but many people have a vague idea of what they want.

Start by writing your top 100 goals and the things you want to accomplish, including learning a language, taking a trip, and meeting a famous person. Keep making the list until you reach 100 but don't stop there.

Goal setting tip #2

Let's get specific.

The second goal setting tip is to get specific about things you want. Take your top 100 list and start with the easiest ones and write more specific description of what you want.

If it is a car, what make and model, what color, leather or cloth seats.

If it is a trip, where are you going, how will you get there and what will you see.

If it's money, how much, why do you want it and what will you do with it when you get it.

Goal setting tip #3

If it's in the "want to", you will find the "how to".

Think and write on paper why you want each of the dreams on your Top 100 list. Get specific and dig deep into the emotions and feelings behind each one.

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