Feedjit’s Live Traffic Feed : Know When Your Friends and Clients Visit You

Hi, If you reached this page after clicking the icon of my face (just like the one that you see on the left), on your blog or your friend's website, or from the Feedjit's Live Traffic Feed update website, its mean that you are interested in something new.

Yes, now with the Feedjit's Live Traffc Feed we can set our twitter, facebook and website's links so that its could appear on the  website that we visit which installed the Feedjit's Live Traffic Feed widget when we signed in. I have to visit you to let you know and don't hate me for this. 

Feedjit lets you see friends and visitors as they arrive on your blog or website. Know when your best friends read about your latest adventure. Be alerted when your most important clients view your latest product offering. Feedjit lets you know, right now, who is visiting your site. Simply add the Live Traffic Feed and instantly start seeing who is visiting your site as they arrive. Before your Web-ID can be fully functioning, Feedjit personnel will have to evaluate your website so that it is family safe, friendly and according to the term and condition.

Its over 800,000 site owners use Feedjit to see who is visiting their site in real time.

See the actual identity of hundreds of thousands of Feedjit members when they visit your site including their photo and links to their website and social profiles. You can make new friends and leads by contacting the Feedjit members who visit your site. The Live Traffic Feed turns your unknown readers into real people.

Live Traffic Feed  Widget
The Basic Live Traffic Feed is completely free and is ad supported. There is no trial period or credit card required. With the basic Live Traffic Feed you get a free real-time view of your site traffic. You can see all anonymous visitors arriving in real-time and the identities of Feedjit members who visit your site. You can also customize the colors of the feed to exactly match your blog or website theme. You also have the option to block any user from appearing on you site's widget.

If you came here from someone's widget, I think you my consider installing this widget on your site. Sign up here.

However if you have installed the non-javascript live traffic feed (on the right), you could only see anonymous data. It does not show user identities, which pages your visitors arrived from and does not let you contact your visitors.

What I like the most from this Live Traffic Feed is, it shows what my visitors is searching for before they arrived to my blog

The words in red is the searched keywords of the arriving visitors
Feedjit Advanced keeps up with your creativity and is free of ads. Match the theme of your site and easily fit your site design by choosing the number of visitors to display. As an Advanced user you even have the option to remove Feedjit branding and menus. Advanced users can watch visitors arriving from websites and search engines in real-time.

Feedjit Pro lets you see your visitor’s journey from beginning to end and understand how they experienced your site. Pro bloggers want to know even more about their visitors. Imagine being able to watch a person travel through your site as they visit each page. You can see how long they stayed on each page before clicking through to the next. Feedjit Pro includes all the features of Feedjit Advanced.

Feedjit Pro lets you opt to keep your visitor information private with a hidden Live Traffic Feed. They provide priority customer support to get you up and running fast. You can keep on top of important events happening on your site with real-time email alerts such as when you get a visitor from a new country or if a particular page on your site was just viewed.

Pro lets you analyze your visitor information in detail with advanced real-time graphs and charts. Dive into the specifics of which search engines and keyword searches send you the most traffic, how many new versus returning visitors visited in the last hour, which pages are the most popular on your site and many other graphs.

With Feedjit Pro you also have full access to all the Feedjit Advanced options to personalize the Live Traffic Feed.


  1. Hey nice blog rashid .. i am a new blogger so want to promote my blog .. so plz keep visit my blog . thankx

  2. Hi Rashid,

    Me reaching your blog by clicking d icon on ur face!! Ahaksss...maybe true, I'm type of interested in something new...BTW, really informative blog!!....Thanks 4 dropping by!! ;p

  3. hi Mr Rashid. Hehe..yes, feedjit is realy helpful to know from where and how people reach our blog. The only thing that I don't know here is how to link my real blog, twitter or facebook on the feedjit so that people know where I came from? hope u can share with me too :)
    thx :)

  4. Hi Rashid I was using feedjit from 1 month and I want some information about the size of widget,I try to fixit upto 5 visitors but showing more than that,because of this big empty gap is generated between my post,How to fix it,if u have any info please help me.my site is

  5. Nasya : When you signed in, click on 'Manage your ID' on the side bar menu. You will see 'Picture', 'Settings', 'Facebook', 'Twitter' and 'Web ID' tabs. You may set your infos by clicking those tabs.

  6. Telangana : Sign in, click on 'Feedjit Advanced' Menu on top then click on 'Install & Manage' on the side bar main menu. You will see your blogs list under the 'Manage your Sites' tab. Then click on 'Reinstall the Live Traffic Feed' link. Then click the 'click here to install the visble Live Traffic Feed' link. Then customize your widget accordingly. You may set your widget 160-300 pixels of width and set from 1-10 visitors as you need. Install the code to your website.

  7. Hi
    Thanks dude for your help,I customize the feedjit according to your instructions...


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    1. Hi James, thanks for your query. I think I can consider on that but I need to know more detail before agreeing to it

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