What You Should Know about Drinking Water

WATER is essential for life. Therefore, a healthy adult needs to consume eight glasses of water daily. The water consumed must be clean and safe.
Natural Mineral Water (NMW) is defined as ground water obtained for human consumption from subterranean water-bearing strata through a spring, well, bore or any other way with or without addition carbon dioxide, for human consumption.
The Source: Only underground water. All natural mineral water must comply to the standard as prescribed in Schedule 26 (Regulation 360A (7)). Food Regulation 1985. Natural mineral water contains various minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium, Fluoride. Sodium, etc.
Packaged Drinking Water (PDW) is treated potable water other than natural mineral water, that is hermetically sealed in bottles or other packages and is intended for human consumption.

The Vandals Must be Kept Out of Our Streets

By Roger Tan

I WAS driving past the Pelangi Utama Apartments in Petaling Jaya two weeks ago when something caught my eye.

It was not this newly completed high-density condominium project but rather a row of young trees along Jalan Masjid PJU 6A opposite the apartments.

Nailed to these trees were posters and other hoardings advertising various goods and services ranging from food catering, sale and leasing of the apartment units, and plumbing services to moneylending.

I also noticed that some of these trees had been damaged with the bark ripped out and long metal nails protruding.

Fortunately, these trees were not the trees in The Lord of The Rings; otherwise they would come alive and exact vengeance on us humans.

Improving Energy Utilisationing

ENERGY efficiency has been a by-word of environmentalists and Malaysian politicians for a while now, though effective promotion has taken a long time. The government is strongly advocating the switch to energy-saving appliances and overall 'green' lifestyles.

Malaysians are slowly coming to terms with the fact that energy cost will increase and adopting energy efficiency must become a way of life and not just a different way of doing things. But is this new idea too slow in taking hold?

Stray or Abused Animals - Rescue, Rehabilitate, Rehome

By Wong Ee Lynn

WHETHER it's rescuing a puppy or giving a donation to these sheltered animals, there's a lot that caring Malaysians can do.

Perhaps you have received e-mails or text messages before from groups or individuals who need to find homes for cats or dogs.

Perhaps you have encountered booths put up by animal rescue groups at public events and in shopping centres to find homes for the formerly stray or abused animals under their care. 

Perhaps you have wondered how these people could devote so much of their time, energy and effort into caring for unwanted animals; whether the animals would ever find homes and what happens to the animals that are not adopted.

Postgraduate and Professional Development - Creating The `Niche' That Is You

EMPLOYERS and employees alike are looking for continuous improvement in their business processes and operational standards as modern management concepts evolve.

MBAs have always been valued by corporations and businesses, as they produce excellent managerial candidates who are able to lead and innovate. It used to be driven by North American business schools, which had made a mark for themselves in the field, churning out graduates that were snapped up even before graduation.

Demand was such that some of the best business schools like INSEAD and Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University opened campuses and formed collaborations in Asia to tap into the Eastern market.

Then there was the flexibility, brought about by the Internet and growing partnerships with local universities in Asia that revolutionised the industry and fuelled demand.