Is your Drinking Water Healthy or Merely Safe?

By Michael R. Long

ALWAYS know what you are drinking. A common misconception is that safe water equals healthy water but certified water specialist MICHAEL R. LONG explains the difference.
In the US, it was reported that traces of pharmaceutical drugs were being found in treated drinking water in countries all over the world. This fact has raised many concerns among the Malaysian public, particularly because contaminated water does not necessarily look murky.

Drinking water that is crystal clear can contain numerous contaminants that are odourless, colourless and completely invisible to the human eye yet are potentially dangerous and harmful to human health.


In most countries around the world, water is treated before being piped to consumers. In some countries, people actually drink water straight from the tap. This implies that the water is "safe" or, to use a more technical term, "potable".

Consider that here in Malaysia, even though I don't know anyone who drinks water straight from the tap, almost all of us swallow small amounts of tap water each time we brush our teeth. Since we don't suffer immediate sickness or health problems, we can conclude that the mains water which is being supplied to our homes is "safe" or "potable".