Controlling Diabetes

PEOPLE with Type 2 diabetes have a treatment option - a drug called Sitagliptin.

Sitagliptin belongs to the dipeptidyl peptidase-4 group of drugs (DPP-4) which is used to enhance the body's own ability to lower blood sugar (glucose) when it is elevated.

It comes in the form of tablets and is taken once a day, alone or in combination with other drugs. "Type 2 diabetes is a highly prevalent and serious chronic condition, a growing epidemic with clear un-met medical needs," said senior consultant endocrinologist Prof Datuk Dr Mafauzy Mohamed. "It is one of the most significant diseases affecting the modern age, and is the fifth leading cause of death globally."

Reports show that more than 98 per cent of the nearly 1.2 million Malaysians with diabetes have Type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, more than half are unaware that they have the disease. Patients with diabetes can develop heart disease, kidney disease, blindness, vascular or neurological problems that can lead to amputations, and they can suffer increased mortality.

"People with Type 2 diabetes need to be proactive in taking measures to control the disease because it can lead to other health complications," said Dr Mafauzy.