Dentine Hypersensitivity : When Food is a Pain

MALAYSIANS love socialising over food. When we have guests over, they'll usually be offered a ubiquitous platter of delicacies and served drinks.

While our stomachs have adapted to the endless varieties of food available, can we say the same about our teeth? The extreme sweet and savoury sensations that we so favour can do damage to our oral and overall health, especially if not enjoyed in moderation.

Treats like cendol, ais kacang, air bandung, kuih and other delicacies are high in sugar and can contribute to cavities and deterioration of the enamel, the hard mineral layer on the teeth.

Food contributes to the loss of whiteness in teeth. Basically, any food that can stain a white T-shirt will stain your teeth. Coffee, tea, balsamic vinegar, soya sauce and smoking will stain teeth.

Inevitably, as the mineral structure of your teeth changes over time, the enamel becomes less porous. The deterioration of the enamel also means we're more susceptible to stains or yellowing of the teeth. Yes, not a great confidence booster!