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Anda pengguna telefon bimbit?

Adakah bil atau topup bulanan anda melebihi RM30?

Adakah anda akan guna telefon bimbit sepanjang hayat?

Adakah anda inginkan kebebasan kewangan?

Jika jawapan anda kepada kesemua soalan di atas ialah “YA”, anda layak untuk menyertai kami

 Program Rujukan WOW
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Affiliate Marketer’s Guide On Making Your Facebook Ads Clickable

SCALING campaigns to similar audience sets on social media can really boost the success of the campaigns you’re running. A simple tweak, with the right targeting, can improve your conversion rates – hence your earnings from the affiliate programs you participate in. This is a fundamental guide on how to get started by scaling those campaigns on Facebook.



UBER adalah sebuah aplikasi di mana anda boleh menjana wang dengan mudah, hanya dengan menerima dan menyelesaikan permintaan perjalanan daripada penumpang di bandar anda. Anda boleh memandu dan mejana seberapa banyak yang anda mahu, kerana dengan Uber, anda adalah bos anda sendiri.

Uber adalah satu sistem pengangkutan alternatif baru pada masa kini dan sesiapa sahaja boleh menjadi rakan-pemandu Uber dengan hanya memandu kenderaan sendiri di samping dapat meraih pendapatan tambahan untuk menyara kehidupan. Perkhidmatan Uber kini dilihat menjadi satu bentuk baru gaya kehidupan masyarakat dunia khususnya pada penduduk bandar. 

How Desperate People Are

ridiculous commentI HAVE just published my new website promoting Tune Talk Tone Excel prepaid sim card at early this year. What impressed me most is how desperate people are when trying to link their site to other people websites or blogs by leaving comments that for me it is unethical.
My website is actually written in Bahasa Malaysia and I am expecting the visitor from Malaysia, but most of them came from some other countries with various ridiculous comments. One of the longest and ridiculous comment... see for yourself... Ha ha ha. However, I have corrected all the spelling error and thank you for making my day cheerful.
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Biography of Ibrahim Al Akhdar

IBRAHIM Al Akhdar, or Ibrahim Ibn Al Akhdar Al Kayim, is a famous Holy Quran reciter through the Muslim World. He also represents a great imam and outstanding social character. The Great Allah has given him an extraordinary voice that has a unique and exceptional harmony in it. Ibrahim Al Akhdar was born in 1364 (1945) in Al Medina in Saudi Arabia.

The honorable Sheikh Ibrahim Al Akhdar started and finished his primary and secondary schooling with great success, in his native city “Medina” in the Quranic school of Dar Al hadith, then ‘Annajah’, and then the scientific institute.

Flip PDF

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