My Stupid Travel Tips - Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Travel

by Yazid Zul Kepli


First of all, everyone is dying. It is just a matter of time. Deal with it. However, if you are dying in one week, perhaps your decision to spend the little time left with your family is not a bad idea. Perhaps. You will need to put everything in order. People will understand that. It is highly unlikely that you are dying in the near future due to terminal illness though. Most probably, even if you are not in your optimum condition physically, efforts can be made to travel if you wanted to. On the other hand, if your doctor strongly advises you against travelling, your doctor’s word of caution should not be taken lightly.

The BrandLaureate Brand ICON Leadership Awards '11

By Gerald Chuah

OVER the years, awards have been given to brands and corporations, but seldom to leaders who are the driving force behind successful brands. The time has come to honour these illustrious leaders who are in a league of their own.

Asia Pacific Brands Foundation confers on them The BrandLaureate Brand Icon Leadership Awards 2011 to honour Malaysia's Icons who have successfully built their brands.

President of The BrandLaureate Dr KK Johan said: "There are many great leaders in the world today, but very few Icons. "Icons define and set the standards of excellence, are bold enough to take risks and change the course of things for the better. History has shown and proven that these individuals are extraordinary leaders, in a class of their own.

Gateway to Malaysia : Best of Federal Territories - Three Places, Different Attractions

THIS is a tale of three cities - Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya. They are all in different parts of the country, but they have two things in common - same title and same birthday. Kuala Lumpur was the first to be declared as Federal Territory on Feb 1, 1972, followed by Labuan in 1982 and the youngest is Putrajaya in 2001. They are all brightly lit up at night and beautifully landscaped in many parts.


THOUGH the Federal Government administration offices have been moved to her younger sister, Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, or KL as it's fondly referred to, will always have her place of prominence. KL is likely to be the most important city in Malaysia and an increasingly important international city for a long time to come.


Follow the city's heritage trail that will take you back to the very confluence of the two rivers - Gombak and Kelang - that gave KL its name.

Got genius?

By Anushia Kandasivam

A GENIUS is a person that possesses an exceptional ability. This is usually intellectual ability, together with creativity, originality and insight. Nowadays, the most common indicator of genius is a person's IQ - the intelligence quotient, or measure of intellect. But a person may very well be a genius in her own right without possessing an astoundingly high IQ.

There is no precise definition of genius, though there have been many theories over the years of what a genius is. Some researchers believed sensory acuity and reaction time were a measure of neurophysical efficiency, some saw it as a genetic trait - a larger number of close kin with `eminent' qualities may predict a genius.

Do You have the Guts to be Healthy?

By Gerald Chuah

PROBIOTICS are a must if you want to remain healthy. A probiotic is an organism, also known as `friendly' or `healthy' bacteria. A probiotic helps to balance the intestinal tract by killing the unhealthy bacteria. Ideally, the microflora colony in the digestive tract should be made up of 85 percent friendly bacteria to 15 percent harmful bacteria.

Taking a probiotic supplement maintains a healthy intestine by helping our body's naturally occurring gut flora to reestablish themselves, thus preventing illness and disease. It also helps buffer our stomach acid and intestinal bile, increasing the chance of good bacteria surviving.

CSI Malaysian Style

By Aniza Damis

If you have watched the popular television series Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), you will have learnt that if a person even so much as sneezes, spits, urinates or puts his sweaty hands against a wall, he will have left enough evidence for forensic investigators to identify him.

Provided that they can match the left-behind sample with a sample obtained from that person.

The science that takes these seemingly inconsequential discards of human activity and scrutinises them in a forensics laboratory, singling the samples out to one genetic identity is known as DNA profiling.