Affiliate Marketer’s Guide On Making Your Facebook Ads Clickable

SCALING campaigns to similar audience sets on social media can really boost the success of the campaigns you’re running. A simple tweak, with the right targeting, can improve your conversion rates – hence your earnings from the affiliate programs you participate in. This is a fundamental guide on how to get started by scaling those campaigns on Facebook.

Customise your Facebook Ad Headline
Aside from selecting your target audience, one of the most important hook, line, and sinker for ads are how they are displayed, what type of creative it uses, as well as the headlines used to attract attention. The objective of this is to make the ad titles personal to generate engagement. Which in this case – would either be clicking on the ad, sharing, or commenting.
Here are the key points to take note when customising an ad headline:
  • Make it personal –
  • Have a call to action – make users want to respond or feel the need to get the product.
  • Cater to a specific or niche need –

Work on a theme

Since you won’t be the only one scaling campaigns on Facebook, you’ve got to innovate by working on a theme. Your ads should introduce the product or service by lasering in on a theme – of which as an example – could be related to either a category that users may be interested in.
Use the headline to introduce the novelty of the service, and since you’re targeting a category, you can tease users with info that will ultimately create the need to find out more.
Here’s an example:
“7 Once-in-a-Lifetime Things To Do When You Travel To Perth”
“5 Hotel Essentials Every Traveler Needs Are In This Bag”

A/B tests

It’s important to rely on data to tell you if your ads are running well. You’ll need to benchmark the results by identifying which engagement metric matters most to you. For most, click-throughs are the best because they provide higher chance of conversion when users visit a lander page before a product.
But for some, building a brand and trust and conversation between a specific target audience may be better for long-term results down the line.
Whatever it is, always check to see which creatives paired with whichever headlines yield more results. Switch it up every 2-3 days if they are not working if you know for sure the target audience you’ve selected is the one desired.

Be clear

Click bait is all around – so if you’re not exactly clear in your headline, you might just get a click through, but ultimately no conversion. You’ll want to be as clear as possible, but again, not come off as boring-sounding.
The best advice for this is to keep your message short and simple and precise.

Ask Questions

One of the best kinds of headlines you can add to your Facebook ads are questions. This basically invokes user curiosity, leaving them with the need to find out more. Add in the element of being clear and precise and you’ll probably be able to add some value to the user wanting to click on your ads.

Experiment. A lot

It’s not always an immediate hit – and with every program, you’ll find that the target audience is different, hence you’ll need to have different settings for each type of ad or product. The bottomline to all of this? Experiment. A lot. Because there’s nothing better than learning from experience.
Good luck!


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